Chilli Products

Chilli Products

Gower Chilli Products; Chilli Every Day!

Gower Chillis produces chilli plants, chilli sauces and concentrates, blended chilli salts, fresh chillis, dried chillis and specialist chilli powders.  These are sold mainly through our chilli shows and events throughout the year.

Gower Chillis products are made with chillis grown on Gower within sight of the sea!  They are special and scarce.  Dont be confused by other producers who might only make their products on the Gower - ours are raised from seed to sauce here.


Gower Chilli Sauce – Recipe Ideas

Chillis have been used in cooking for thousands of years and are known to speed up body metabolism and give you a natural high by stimulating the release of endorphins. They are warming and delicious; try some today and every day!

1. Use the sauce as a universal kitchen staple instead of those bland tomato and brown sauces! Add to crème fraiche for amazing dips for all occasions

2. Make any omelette come alive: beat some sauce in as you are whisking the egg or simply add to the finished omelette for a delicous warming treat.  We particularly like crab thermidor omelette; simply combine fresh crab meat, grated gruyere and your favourite Gower chilli sauce in a bowl then whisk your fresh free-range eggs until frothy before cooking gently. Once the omelette begins to set add in your ingredients, fold over and serve whiklst still oozing! magic!

3. Create super sandwiches and toasties; try your favourite Gower Chilli sauce with your favourite fillings; very little beats cheese and BB sauce simply served with a cherry tomato side salad dressed in balsamic and olive oil.!

4. As a pizza ingredient or topping; use with home-made pizzas to create a fabulous tomato base or sprinkle on before baking. If you have some of our chilli flakes these are also great sprinkled on jus before finishing under the grill!  Dont't just use with home-made though a few glugs of Gower Chilli sauce onto a shop bought piza prior to cooking lifts it right out of the ordinary!

5. Add a little magic to baked potato fillings and other potato dishes like gratins, dauphenoise, rosti, potato and crab or fish cakes; either add as a topping or blend into th einitial mix - it will make all of the difference.

6. Make rice come alive by adding flavour and sophistication to all of your Pilaf’s, Paellas, Risottos and Jambalaya. They are best added in the final mix just before serving, giving them chance to maximise their flavour whilst warming through!

7. Simple Amazing Pasta and Noodles; stir in Gower Chilli sauce with a little olive oil and lemon juice and any of favourite ingredients like olives, prawns, roasted or stir-vegetables and chicken strips! great for veggies and carnivores alike! 

8. Amazing Marinades for vegetables, meat, fish in the oven, under the grill or on BBQ’s; use 1 part olive oil, 1 part chilli sauce, 0.5 part runny honey or maple syrup, ½ a lime or lemon, Salt and pepper to taste – magic!

9. Creat wicked Mexican wraps, fajitas and quesadillas; add a few glugs of Gower Chilli sauce to stir fried vegetables, prawns or chicken and serve just simply or with toppings such as re-fried beans, guacamole, chilli tomato salsa and soured cream! 

10. Spectacular sea-food; there are so many options here; mussels steamed in wine and chilli sauce, stir-fried prawns, salmon or sea bass baked in foil parcels with white wine and Gower Chilli sauce or amazing Chilli Lobster or crab thermidor

There are so many ways of using Gower Chillis every day - check out the Gower Chillis Facebook page for more information or to share your recipes.